What is the Best Flu Vaccine for Children?

Children aged six months to five years can receive the complimentary flu vaccine. Flu is an extremely contagious illness. Kids are at danger of serious health complicated once they acquire flu. Influenza popularly called as flu is an exceptionally infectious disease caused by the influenza virus. The pediatrician strongly suggests that children aged between 6 months and 5 years are immunized against the flu virus yearly.

Why is the Flu Vaccine Vital for Children?

Pediatrician in Baner urges parents to acquire the flu vaccine for kids’ ages six months to five years old. Influenza can cause many days of fever and result in serious complications, although your children are healthy. The flu vaccine provides the utmost protection available.

  • Numbers of flue hospitalization due to flu infection are highest amongst young kids.
  • Children who are infected with the virus have the possibility to develop serious diseases such as convulsions and diarrhea.
  • The more significant part of childhood hospitalization related to flu and deaths happens amongst kids without underlying medical issues.

Flu is very contagious and is a potentially severe viral respiratory infection, which can even be critical and acute. Whereas with other respiratory infections, usually the signs are mild, and most children keep on going to school while ill. However, with the flu, the symptoms are severe and lengthened and caused children to miss days of school; this is because the infection stressed the body. What is more, super infections might happen as a complication of the virus.

Super infections are considered bacterial infections which take place ahead of respiratory disease. A bacterial respiratory infection is also a serious form of infection, and the concurrent viral, as well as bacterial infection, can devastate the function of the body organs like lungs as well as the body.

What are the Types of Flu Vaccines?

Flu vaccines trigger the buildup of the antibodies in the body approximately 2 weeks after receiving the vaccine. These antibodies provide defense against flu infections. A seasonal flu vaccine keeps you safe and secure from the influenza virus, which research shows to be the most common when the season comes.

Which flu vaccine ideal for your children? Here are the choices:

  • Flu Shot : This is a type of flu vaccine administered with a needle, basically in the arm
  • Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine : This kind of flu vaccine is made to keep your kid safe from four different types of viruses.
  • Nasal Spray : There are lots of confusions regarding this kind of flu vaccine due to its availability. Also called as Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine of LAIV, this is utilized by spraying directly to the nose. It has weakened viruses which gradually reproduce in the nose lining, allowing the body to become familiar with the virus to develop immunity. This vaccine worked well to protect children from acquiring flu. This is considered better and effective than a flu shot.

Where to Receive Flu Vaccine?

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