Psychiatrist in Baner-Balwadi & Pashan

Psychiatrist in Baner-Balwadi & Pashan

Looking for a Psychiatrist near me? Look no further than HealthBay Clinic. We offer the best psychiatrist near me that can give complete and all-inclusive programs in education, clinical care, research as well as community outreach.

In collaboration with our broader duty of providing utmost medical care and assistance, our Psychiatrist in Balewadi is here to :

  • Offer ethical, compassionate as well as scientifically based care to our patients.
  • Offer outstanding educational plans for psychiatry residents
  • Advance mental wellbeing knowledge, training as well as services using innovative research.

We at HealthBay Clinic offer psychiatric hospitalization for patients experiencing severe psychiatric issues like bipolar disorder, depression as well as schizophrenia. Our professional team makes use of a multidisciplinary method, which takes account of pharmacotherapy: family, group and individual psychotherapy; occupational, patient education, and severe case handling. Also, we specialize in treating patients suffering from co-morbid medical as well as psychiatric diagnoses.

As part of the responsibility of a Psychiatrist, he or she can :

Psychiatrists can be of specific help when your mental well being condition is :

  • Hard or complex to diagnose
  • Involves suicidal plans or ideas
  • Severe or suddenly occurs
  • Needs treatment which just an expert can prescribe
  • Not responding to conventional or standard treatment through your family doctor

Common issues why you may need to see a psychiatrist :

Psychiatrists can be of specific help when your mental well being condition is :

  • Problems in adjusting after a significant life change or anxiety
  • Fear or worry
  • Low mood or depressed
  • Thoughts of hurting others
  • Suicidal thinking
  • Hurting him or herself on purpose
  • Unable to sleep
  • Constant negative thinking or overthinking
  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Out of control drug or alcohol use
  • Addictive behaviors like in gaming and gambling
  • Issues around body image, dieting or eating
  • Memory problems
  • Poor attention and concentration, hyperactivity
  • The emotional outburst, agitation, and violence
  • Insomnia and other sleep issues

HealthBay Clinic offers intensive psychiatric care for those needing a structured day plan. Multidisciplinary services take account of diagnostic evaluations, group therapy, crisis intervention treatment, etc.

FAQ About Psychiatrists

As for the code of ethics, they do keep your details and information secret and private and develop a trustworthy relationship with the patients for efficient treatment.

In general, psychiatrist prescribes treatments to help handle different mental disorders. In most cases, psychiatrist work along with psychologist who provides advice to the patients.

A psychiatrist examines al your physical and mental symptoms. Also, they make a diagnosis and deal with you to make a management plan for the treatment and fast recovery. They offer psychological medication, prescribe drugs, and do procedures like electroconvulsive therapy.

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