General Practitioner / Family Physician Near Me

General Practitioner / Family Physician Near Me

HealthBay Clinic is home to the best general practitioners near you !.

At HealthBay Clinic, our general practitioner cares from common diseases to severe illnesses, and mental and physical wellbeing issues. Primary care is not only when you are ill, general practitioner is there to help you keep illness at bay and maintain your optimal wellbeing. Our general practitioner provides accessible healthcare. The general practitioner maintains a vital connection between the patients, family and neighbourhoods.

The Role of a General Practitioner (GP)/Family Physician

The GP or General Practitioner has extensive familiarity and comprehension of medical conditions, from kid’s illnesses to geriatrics, from reading anElectrocardiogram to determining anxiety or depression. The fact that medical science doesn’t stand still, our GPs continuously follow the advancesin different medical disciplines like internal medicine, diagnostic strategies, orthopaedics, otolaryngology, and obstetrics & gynaecology.

  • Because of their broad knowledge about a wide array of medical concerns, GP is skilled in examining issues and comprehending the most suitable course of medication.
  • GP is well-trained to offer long term medical care to patients experiencing acute and chronic diseases.
  • It is the responsibility of the GP to educate patients regarding appropriate health maintenance and to help keep illness at bay.
  • A GP is accountable for coping with the social and psychological factors or concerns which affect the care of the patients.
  • General Practitioner also performs home visits and instructs the relatives of the patients to ensure they are aware of the best way of providing care. A home visit is part of long-term patient care, it instantly becomes part of GPs responsibilities if a patient cannot come to the hospital/clinic, in the case of infants and seniors or the elderly.
  • A general practitioner is in charge of referring patients to the right specialists if needed.


Our GP services include the following, do contact us for more details and appointment :

  • Treatment for all types of fever
  • Allergies
  • Cough and cold
  • Follow-up of all chronic medical conditions e.g. diabetes, high BP, asthma and hypertension
  • Minor cuts and their sutures
  • Intramuscular and Intravenous injections
  • Home visits
  • Gastro-intestinal infections
  • Skin infections
  • Dog bites
  • Fitness certificate
  • Pre-employment check-up
  • Medical check-up of children
  • Immunisation of adults like Hepatitis B, Rubella and Flu vaccination

If you reside in Baner-Balewadi and searching for a reliable general practitioner, look no further than HealthBay Clinic. Our general practitioners have many years of experience in providing the best healthcare service in Baner-Balewadi and surrounding areas. We will always take the time to pay attention to your needs and concerns; respect your opinion and provide you utmost care.Call us to know how HealthBay Clinic GP can help!.

FAQ About General Practitioner / Family Physician

Cardiologists use medication and sometimes, recommend dietary and other wellness changes to treat heart and vascular conditions. Once a potential heart related issue is identified, a cardiologist digs deeper to pinpoint the exact diagnosis. Often, a cardiologist will order tests like angiograms, 2D-Echo, ECG or TMT (stress test) to understand the specifics of the problem. If a non-invasive remedy does not solve the heart issue, a cardiologist calls upon a cardiac surgeon to take over the case.


It isn’t uncommon for patients that have a family history of heart conditions to visit a cardiologist to proactively determine what can be done to prevent potential heart conditions. Given the complexity of this field, heart doctors may have particular specializations such as paediatric cardiology or interventional heart medicine.

Doctor-Patient Rapport

By going to the same physician for every member of the family, you can develop a close rapport with one another. Thus, it allows your loved ones, especially if you have children, to become more comfortable going to see the physician.

Personalized and Preventative Care

With this close rapport comes a profound understanding for your physician as to what your medical concerns and issues are. This will enable family doctor to provide you a professional in-depth care and advice as he/she knows what your professional family health issues are.

Early Treatment

In case you or any member of the family has a minor health issue, you can go and get it examined and an early treatment can be started. The main objective for a family physician is to keep every member of the family feeling healthy and taken care of. Unnecessary referral to specialists are avoided, treatment costs become less.

Our consultation fee ranges from Rs 200 to Rs 400. An additional fee is required if you need to undergo any tests.We are a primary care clinic providing the combined services of a clinic and a diagnostic facility, our lab tests are processed at an accredited laboratory. For a reliable family physician near you, call HealthBay Clinic now.

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