Dermatology is the medical specialty that deals with disorders of the skin, nails and hair, collectively called ‘skin diseases’. A doctor who specializes in dermatology is called “dermatologist”. Dermatologist also treats venereal diseases and leprosy.

Skin diseases are very common and there is virtually no one who does not benefit from the skin specialist occasionally. The diagnosis of skin diseases primarily consists of inspection: look closely and describe what is seen. In addition, the history is often important. Sometimes further examination is required, usually blood tests or microscopic examination or a biopsy, a sample of the affected skin.

As a dermatology expert, we offer high-quality dermatology in a pleasant, caring atmosphere. 

We offer a wide range of professional treatment options. Every skin is unique and every skin condition requires its own approach. This requires knowledge, experience and precision. We do our best for optimal results and want to contribute to the fact that the patient will literally and figuratively feel better again.

OPD Services :

Our areas of focus are :

  • Treatment of all types of skin infections.
  • Fungal Infections.
  • Eczema and the diagnosis of allergies.
  • Fast diagnosis and treatment of skin infections.
  • Acne treatment.
  • Birthmarks: rapid diagnosis, assessment and treatment.
  • Pigmentation.
  • Psoriasis treatment.
  • Vitiligo treatment (white patch).
  • Hair problems.

Our Dermatologist also perform OPD Procedures like :

  • Mole removal.
  • Skin tag removal.
  • Wart removal.
  • Chemical peeling.
  • Cryotherapy.
  • Derma roller.
  • Micro-derma abrasion.
  • Radio frequency cautery.

Treatment of different kinds of Venereal diseases :

Venereal diseases are skin infections caused by sexual contact. They can be on genitals, lips or other mucous membranes e.g. gonorrhoea, lymphogranuloma, trichomoniasis etc.

STD (sexually transmitted disease) is a wider term which includes diseases like HIV, syphilis and herpes, but these are not venereal diseases.

Leprosy Treatment :

Leprosy is a chronic skin condition caused by bacteria i.e. Mycobacterium Lepra. This disease has wide spectrum of presentations. Our skin experts are highly experienced to treat all sorts of skin ailments.

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