Radiology / Sonography

Radiology / Sonography

HealthBay Clinic has been serving Balewadi and its nearby areas for many years now. Our clinic is committed to excellence in medical imaging and patient care. Our objective is to offer superior diagnostic imaging services in a comfortable and soothing environment.

HealthBay Clinic: For Reliable Imaging Service :

HealthBay Clinic offers the highest level of patient care. We are an accredited facility for X-ray and Ultra Sonography, using state of the art technology and tools. Aside from having the best radiologist in Balewadi, HealthBay Clinic radiology services offer many perks such as :

  • Decreased levels of radiation to our patient and our staff as well.
  • Accurate diagnosis through stable and optimised image quality
  • Skilled radiologists and staff

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Services :

Our radiology services include the following, do contact us for more details and appointment :

  • Obstetrics Sonography e.g. Anomaly scan, Early / Late Foetal growth, N.T. Scan.
  • Gynec Sonography, Follicular study.
  • General Sonography e.g. Abdomen and Pelvis, Chest.
  • Postoperative Sonography.
  • Doppler Studies – Arterial and Venous.
  • X-ray of all types.

Doppler Studies :

  • Arterial and Veinal.
  • Scrotal Doppler.
  • Renal Doppler.
  • Abdominal Doppler.
  • Pelvic Doppler

FAQ About Radiologist

Radiologists are medical doctors who are experts in medical imaging science e.g. X-ray, Ultra Sonography or USG, ComputedTomography or CT, Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI.

No. Radiologists are specially trained to read X-rays as well as other imaging examinations. At HealthBay Clinic, our radiologist has many years of experience. The one that takes X-ray is called X-ray technician.

No. X-ray technician is not authorized and qualified to interpret the X-rays. X-rays are interpreted by radiologists, orthopaedists and other clinicians.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Pankaj Kawchale

D.M.R.E., M.D. Physician


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