Menarche and the Related Problems?

What is Menarche and the Related Problems?

Menarche is defined as the first menstrual period in a female adolescent. It refers to the age of onset of period/menstruation to a young girl. It is a subset of puberty and last to come – however mostly used synonymously. Normal age of menarche is 11-14 years, however it can be delayed or precocious.

Precocious Menarche

  • Below the age of 8 or 9 years
  • Causes

    – Mostly hormonal – not worrisome at all
    – Help you child and explains everything in details
    – Encourage her to play group games and loose weight
    – Give her good diet – rich in Calcium, Protein and Vitaming D3

  • Rare Causes – some tumor in brain, ovary or adrenal gland – doctor will come to know after examination and may suggest following tests
    – Blood test
    – GNRH Test, Thyroid, Estrogen and progesterone level
    – Xray of hand and wrist to know the bone-age of the child
    – USG abdomen & pelvis
    – MRI

  • All test are safe for the child
  • Treatments – mostly general
  • Try to maintain her self-confidence
  • May look taller than other children of their age group but at the age of 15 years their height is less than those of comparable age
  • Most important goal is to enable child to grow to a normal height
  • May give injection Lupron Depot till normal age of puberty ( 11-12 years) and then stop

Delayed Menarche

  • No period by the age of 15 – 16 years – no breast development by the age of 13 years
  • Causes

    – Mostly hereditary/familial
    – Eating disorders – B12/D3 deficiency
    – Bowell disorder – chronic diarrhoea
    – Hypo-thyroidism
    – Immature hypothalamnus pituiatary ovarian axis
    – Chromosomal disorders

  • Do not hesitate to take your child to a doctor, he may advice following tests